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Protect what's yours

The easy and safe solution for your belongings
Made in Belgium

Everything you use daily, all in one place

  • Safe

    Open your TriPi only where necessary and keep the rest perfectly protected

  • Practical

    Fully utilized, wearing comfort included

  • Qualitatively

    Composed with the best materials

  • Sustainable

    Carefree long enjoyment

All benefits

Quickly choose your ideal TriPi and start enjoying it.

In almost every application, TriPi can take care of your materials. Lots of space, a lot of comfort and an ultra high protection factor. Walk, bike, enjoy your motorcycle ride, travel, enjoy your concert, etc.

Smart features

Say goodbye to the damage to your materials.
Done with expensive things to lose.
Take a lot ... no one who sees it.
Double zipper shutters for double safety.